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Education Update

Submitted 2016-12-21

Education Update:

     As you may be aware, Chief and Council voted unanimously to suspend participating in the Anishinabek Nation Education System (AES) Vote due to not having a final draft of our Education Constitution ready.  There still remains an opportunity for Garden River to vote on whether we want to be a part of the AES, but we need to come together as a community to develop a Constitution that is reflective of our culture, beliefs and best practices.  Chief and Council remain committed to ensuring that this initiative will not fall to the wayside but will remain a priority to ensure accountability at all levels and within all departments. 

      Moving forward, Adults In Motion has secured funding to perform a school review to look at recruitment and re-engagement strategies along with programs and services.  The Education Unit will be a part of the review process as well.  This review will include all programs and services within Post-secondary, Secondary, Elementary and Special Education, including a review of our policies and procedures in each area mentioned.   We believe it is essential to learn from a variety of perspectives including our students, families, leadership and interested community members so we can all support our students in reaching their full potential.  Therefore, we will hosting a series of community engagement sessions in the new year to further explore how we can promote student well-being with the goal of increasing our graduation rates at the high-school and post-secondary level. 

     In closing, the Education Unit is no longer  spearheading the need to finalize an Education Constitution as Chief and Council have committed to moving forward on this initiative and to create a comprehensive Constitution including but not limited to education, health, social services, economics, finances, citizenship, community order and lands and resources. Your participation will be required to move forward in the moving forward.


Dianne Roach,

Education Manager


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