Roles & Responsibilities

Student Performance

Students completing courses through the Independent Learning Centre have one year to complete the course. However, students are expected to submit lessons/assignments on a continuous basis.

In school programs will require daily attendance between 9am and 3pm with 1 hour for lunch. Daily attendance will always consist of 5 hours of instruction.

If students are having difficulty fulfilling this expectation they are to notify the teacher(s) at the Adults in Motion School to make other arrangements. The student will be removed from the school’s register should they not submit any assignments or contact the school after six weeks of registration. See attendance policy.

For a safe and harmonious environment, we are all expected to:

  • Treat everyone with respect and accept authority
  • Exercise self-discipline and use appropriate conduct
  • Deal with conflict and anger in a socially responsible way
  • Use appropriate language
  • Accept the responsibilities of citizenship

As a student you are expected to:

  • Take responsibility for your own learning
  • Attend all classes and be punctual
  • Be prepared for work with appropriate materials
  • Complete all assignments and homework on time
  • Respect your own and others work spaces


The Adults in Motion School’s attendance policy consists of a “sign-in log book” that makes the student accountable for regular on-going communication with staff. Although regular attendance is highly recommended, ongoing communication with staff will consist of on-site attendance, telephone, and/or e-mail at least once every two weeks. Regular attendance at school is critical for the student’s learning and achievement of course expectations.


Students are eligible to attend Natahwegidjig Mahjeeshkahwaun if:

  1. You are 16 years of age or older.
  2. You have a Garden River First Nation address.

Code of Conduct

Garden River First Nation supports the provision of a safe and orderly learning environment within its school. Garden River First Nation recognizes that students enjoy rights under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom. In recognition of this fact, the School shall treat all students equitably and fairly. Therefore, it is the policy of Garden River First Nation to prohibit the use of violence involving staff/students while on Garden River First Nation property and at Garden River Education events.

Garden River First Nation is responsible with respect to the following Policies:
Safe Schools Policy
Drug and Alcohol Policy
Reporting Child Abuse
General/Sexual Harassment
Computer Lab Policy
Internet Use Policy

The Adults in Motion is a smoke-free facility. This means that there is no smoking within the building or in the immediate vicinity. Students are expected to come to school free from the influence of illegal drugs and alcohol and are forbidden to use illegal drugs and alcohol while on the school premises or property.

Unacceptable behaviours that will not be tolerated:

  • Physical assaults, threats, intimidation
  • Profane or improper language
  • Disrespect of authority
  • Sexual harassment
  • Harassment of any kind
  • Alcohol or substance abuse
  • Smoking in school building
  • Vandalism
  • Theft
  • Weapons/Replica
  • Inappropriate Computer use

Consequences for failure to comply with the Code of Conduct/Behaviour

The Teacher/Coordinator of the Adults in Motion School and the Education Unit will take the following steps to ensure a safe school environment: It is the Department’s air to encourage a “safe learning environment” through the provision of appropriate early and on going intervention measures and, when deemed necessary, the administration of disciplinary action in accordance with The Education Act.

  • Counsel Student
  • Notify Parent(s)/Guardian
  • Restitution
  • Notify police
  • Suspension
  • Recommendation for expulsion

Please note: Any of these steps may be superceded depending upon the seriousness of the violation and where warranted, could ultimately lead to expulsion.

Under the Adults in Motion Safe School Policy each community member has the right to appeal a decision made to the Manager of Education, Garden River First Nation.

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