Operating Guidelines

According to the Indian and Northern Affairs Canada Secondary Education National Program Guidelines, Garden River First Nation receives funding to provide students living on-reserve.

The Garden River First Nation Education Unit, in accordance with Indian and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC), has developed these operating guidelines. The creation of this booklet is to provide the community with written procedures and policies followed by the Education Unit.

These G.R.F.N. Elementary/Secondary Operating Guidelines will be in effect as of __________.

Tuition Agreements:

Garden River First Nation has two tuition agreements that were signed with:

The former Sault Ste. Marie Roman Catholic Separate School Board (now known as the Huron-Superior Catholic District School Board) on October 3rd, 1979, and

The former Sault Ste. Marie Board of Education (now known as the Algoma District Board of Education) in 1981.


INAC provides funding for educational support and services for students at both the elementary level and the secondary level.

1.1 Nominal Roll

The Nominal Roll is a computerized information system which provides the mechanism for INAC to undertake an annual census of Indian students living on reserve and attending school, whose education is being funded by the Federal Government. Information provided on the Nominal Roll shall be supported by student records maintained by the school.

Under the INAC Elementary/Secondary Education Program National Guidelines, Garden River First Nation must demonstrate the eligibility of a student to be included on the Nominal Roll before being eligible for funding. To be eligible for the Nominal Roll, a student must be:

Enrolled in and attending a federal, a provincial, a band-operated or a private/independent school recognized by the province in which the school is located as an elementary/secondary institution; and, Aged 4 to 21 years (or the age range eligible for elementary and secondary education support in the province of residence) on December 31 of the school year in which funding support is required, or a student outside of this age range who is currently funding by INAC for elementary and secondary education; and, Ordinarily resident on reserve. Status Registered Indian Non-Registered Inuit students on reserve or crown land.

1.2 Ineligible Recipients

A student who is ordinarily resident on reserve lands that are commercially leased is not eligible for funding unless the student is a Status Registered Indian.

Students who should not be placed on the Nominal Roll include non-native students who are resident on reserve but who are not eligible under Categories A-F. An example of such a situation would be children of non-Indians renting or leasing property on-reserve. These children are not eligible for inclusion on the Nominal Roll. Arrangements for tuition payments for attendance at provincial schools off reserve should be negotiated between the parents and the Board of Education or the parents and the First Nation. Students who are enrolled in adult upgrading or non-accredited secondary level courses. All Status Registered Indians of Garden River First Nation are eligible for the following student support services:

Daily Transportation (Privilege); Extra-Curricular Transportation (Pending Available Funding); Guidance, academic counseling and school liaison services; Financial/Resource Support (please refer to appropriate elementary and secondary sections for details).

Student Accident Insurance

GRFN will purchase the “Super Plan Plus” student accident insurance package for all eligible GRFN students registered on or before September 30th of each school year. Schools distribute the Student Accident Insurance Policy brochure at the beginning of a school year. Please read the policy brochure carefully for the detailed explanation of coverages, conditions, limitations and exclusions.

To File a Claim: Parent(s)/guardian(s) are responsible to file a claim. Garden River is not responsible for filing claims. Please contact the insurance company directly at 1-800-463-KIDS.


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