Recording and Reporting

Ontario Student Record (OSR) Procedures

In all Ontario schools, a student’s progress and achievements are recorded clearly and completely in the OSR. Also inserted in the OSR are documents, photographs or other information that is conducive to the improvement of instruction of the student. Every student has a right of access to his or her OSR. A parent or guardian of a student who is not an adult has a right of access to the students OSR as well.

If an adult student or the parent/guardian of a student is of the opinion that the information recorded in the students OSR is inaccurately recorded or that it is not conducive to the improvement of the instruction of the student, the adult student, or the parent/guardian may request in writing that the principal correct the alleged inaccuracy or remove the information from the record. If the principal refuses to comply with this request, the matter will then be referred to the Education Director.

Ontario Student Transcript (OST) Procedures

Courses successfully completed and credits gained toward a Certificate of Education or an Ontario Secondary School Diploma are recorded on the OST, which is kept in the student’s OSR. The student’s final marks are submitted to the Ministry of Education and Training on a Mark Gathering form provided by the ministry. As well, final OAC marks are submitted to the Ontario University and College Application Center. Students and parents or guardians may see or have a copy of the Ontario Student Transcript at any time. A copy of the transcript is automatically provided when a student graduates or leaves the school for other reasons.

Full Disclosure Policy

Student transcripts will show all courses attempted and their results for Grade 11, Grade 12 and OAC courses. Parents and students over 18 years may ask principal to use a special indicator to denote extraordinary circumstances for failure/withdrawals in Grade 11, Grade 12 and OAC courses.


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