School Services

School Supplies

All school supplies will be available for students at the Adults in Motion School. Students will not be reimbursed for supplies.

Resource Centre/Computer Lab

Students have access to the Garden River First Nation Resource Centre/Computer Lab. The Resource Centre/Computer Lab offers library and computer services that include book and video loan, historical archives, tutoring, video camera rental, computer training, internet use, scanning, website design, word processing, binding, printing and copying.

Student Incentive

Students will not receive a Commuters Allowance. The students will receive a Student Incentive for each course completed. For students completing a grade 9 or 10 course, an incentive of $100.00 per completed credit and $50.00 per completed half credit will be issued. For students completing a grade 11 or 12 course, an incentive of $100.00 along with a 3-month gym membership from the Garden River Fitness Centre per credit will be issued. For courses offered on-site, such as co-op, at least 90% of classes must be attended in order to receive the incentive.

Please Note: When textbooks are on loan to the student(s) by the Adults In Motion or Independent Learning Centre, students must take good care of the books and return them before or at the final exam. AIM/ILC will not process any student work or issue credits if textbooks are outstanding. Students owe AIM/ILC the amount for any lost or damaged books.


Insurance fees for all students on the nominal roll will be the responsibility of the First Nation. Students can purchase additional insurance if desired.


The purpose of the Adults in Motion is to help each student develop to the maximum of his/her potential. When registering for each course at the Adults in Motion, the teacher(s) will interview the student in regards to their educational and vocational planning. The interview will consist of:

  1. Reviewing the student transcript
  2. Discuss the student’s educational goals
  3. Provide the student with course counselling and course selection
  4. Register for the course(s)
  5. Establish a timetable
  6. Student receives student handbook and supplies are issued.

Interviews are also available at any time with the teacher(s), however, please try to give advance notice.


The Garden River First Nation Education Unit employs counsellors available for elementary, high school and post-secondary students. They provide liaison with students, teachers and parents. The post-secondary counsellor can provide the most recent information available on colleges and universities along with providing counselling on choosing the right school for you.

Health Services

Students have access to health services at the Garden River First Nation Health Centre. The Community Health Nurse is available Monday-Friday. The Nurse Practitioner is available three times per week. The Dietician, Doctor, Chiropractor and Occupational and Physical Therapist are available once per week on various days.

Any student requiring medical attention will be referred to the Health Centre by the teacher(s). The Health Centre also provides various workshops throughout the school year.


Tutoring Services may be available. Please contact the teacher(s) for more information.


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